Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I was sad when Mr. and Mrs. Jones moved away. They had 
always been there throughout my life, living in the 
house next door. My Mum was a saleswoman for an IT 
company, Dad worked as a TV producer so neither kept 
regular hours. Whilst I was growing up one or both of 
them would always be there overnight, but often when I 
came home from school I would be babysat by the Joneses 
until one of my parents came home. Now however I was 
seventeen and the babysitting was no longer necessary. 

The Joneses had both recently retired and decided to 
move to a little country cottage. It was with a heavy 
heart that I helped them load their belongings into the 
van. They had been a constant in my life while I was 
growing up and I had many happy memories of times with 
them. As they drove away I couldn't help feeling that my 
childhood was over - as it turned out I was righter than 
I knew!.

Two days later our new neighbour arrived. Mum, Dad and 
myself greeted her and she introduced herself as Emma 
Clarke. "Hello Mrs. Clarke," I said. "I'm Mike."

"Miss Clarke," she corrected me. "No husband, no kids, 
just myself."

She was, I guessed, late 20s. She was 5'8" or 9, curvy 
without being overweight, shoulder length brown hair and 
very pretty. She had made it clear she wasn't 
technically a MILF, but she was definitely an older 
woman I'd like to fuck!

That evening Mum & Dad invited her for dinner, reckoning 
that after the stress and effort of the move she 
wouldn't be in the mood to cook - She accepted and that 
evening showed herself to be intelligent and funny. 
Lying in bed that night I apologised to the Joneses and 
wished she had moved in 5 years earlier, I had read many 
erotic stories about babysitters seducing their charges 
and I could easily imagine myself and Miss Clarke in the 

In fact, at that point in time any sexual adventures 
would have been welcome. Mum had fallen pregnant with me 
when both she and Dad were my age. It had been very hard 
for the two of them and they were insistent that I 
didn't fall into the same trap. "We both love you very 
much, and wouldn't change you for the world, it just 
would have been better if you had waited another five to 
ten years before coming along," was their favourite way 
of putting it. 

As a result they were always putting pressure on me not 
to have a girlfriend just yet "Finish your exams first, 
get your A-Levels before you meet a girl." I understood 
where they were coming from and despite the sexual 
frustration was prepared to do as they asked, in the 
meantime there was always Internet porn and my right 

Over the next few weeks, Miss Clarke became firm friends 
with Mum & Dad. It wasn't too long before she got a key 
to our back door and she was always welcome often eating 
with us, or just popping in for a chat and staying for 
hours. She and Mum would often have girlie nights with 
wine & a chick flick in her house and also Dad is quite 
a bit of a handyman and would often pop round to Miss 
Clarke's if she needed a shelf putting up, or something 
fixing. I was always polite to her when she came over, 
never revealing my desire to fuck her brains out.

One day, Mum & Dad were out and I was home alone, I 
heard the back door open.

"Only me," she called.

"Hello Miss Clarke," I answered.

"Is your Dad in?" she asked

"No," I replied. "He and Mum are out, they've gone for a 
meal and to see a film, they won't be back until much 

"That's a shame, I needed your Dad's help with 
something." She turned to go, stopped and looked at me 
"Actually" she said, "You may be able to help. Do you 
know anything about computers?"

"A fair bit," I answered. "I use them a lot for my 

"Can you come and take a look at mine, it won't connect 
to the Internet."

"OK," I replied and followed her out of the house and 
over to hers. She was wearing a loose fitting top and 
baggy sweat pants, but my horny little mind couldn't 
help wondering what colour underwear she had on.

"It's in my bedroom," she said as we entered her house. 
I followed her up the stairs wishing it was under 
different circumstances and she was taking me up to let 
me use her body.

I don't quite know what I was expecting from her 
bedroom, maybe handcuffs, whips, chains, leather but it 
looked normal, double bed, wardrobe, make up table, 
chest of drawers and a desk on which sat her computer. I 
sat on the swivel chair at the desk and tried to access 
the internet, but no joy. So I started to run through a 
few diagnostics to see if I could discover what the 
problem was. Miss Clarke sat on the edge of her bed 
behind me.

"You do computers at school?" she asked. I answered that 
I did. "And you've got one at home that you use mainly 
for homework and studying"

"That's right."

"What else do you use it for?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you use it for Facebook, games and stuff like that?"

"That's about it, yes."

"You don't have a girlfriend do you, your parents told 
me that, so I bet you look at porn on it too, come on 
you are a teenage boy you must do."

I saw no point in denying it. "A little bit, yeah." 

"Any luck with fixing it yet?" she asked changing the 
subject completely before the conversation went in the 
direction I wanted it to. As it happened I had, the 
problem was quite a simple one to fix.

"You should be OK now," I said before clicking on the 
Internet access icon. To my surprise her home page 
website was a portal to porn videos! "Bloody hell," I 

"What's the matter?" Miss Clarke asked. "Don't you think 
women look at porn too? Click on one, lets watch it."

I suddenly felt very hot and flustered, and just 
randomly clicked on a video. It opened with a woman 
naked on a bed playing with her breasts, before sliding 
a hand inside her panties.

"Fake tits," said Miss Clarke. "Tell me Mike, do you 
prefer real ones or those silicone enhanced ones?"

I stuttered something to the effect of not knowing.

"I bet you've never seen a pair that's not on screen 
have you," she continued, "do you want to?"

I turned round in the chair to see Miss Clarke peeling 
off her t-shirt, she had no bra on "nothing fake about 
these, do you want to touch?" I leaned forward and 
brought my hand up. "No," she said, "use your mouth." I 
did what she told me and put my mouth over her right 

"Suck it, yes that's good, now flick the nipple with 
your tongue, then gently bite the nipple, oh god yes 
that's right," I continued to do what she asked and felt 
my cock get hard.

"You've never had a tit in your mouth before have you? 
Now lick your fingers and start stroking my other nipple 
while you suck this one." After a few seconds she pushed 
my head away.

"You've never seen a real pussy either have you?" I 
shook my head, "look at this," she stood up and pulled 
down her trousers - she wasn't wearing any knickers 
either. She sat back down on the edge of the bed and 
opened her legs wide revealing her vagina, it was almost 
fully shaved except for a tuft of hair at the top. I 
began to reach for it.

"Not yet," she said, "first I need to see your cock, 
take your trousers off and lie on the bed." Once again I 
did exactly as she said.

"That's a lovely cock," Miss Clarke said. She took in 
her hand and lent over me. She slapped her tits with my 
rock hard cock, rubbed it between her tits and then 
teased her nipple with the end of it. "The woman on the 
screen has a cock in her mouth, do like watching that 
sort of thing? I bet you want to know what it feels like 
to get your cock sucked," Miss Clarke licked my shaft 
and then took her head into her mouth. 

I groaned in pleasure as I felt her tongue work its 
magic. This felt a lot better than wanking! Ever since 
she moved in I had hoped that one day something like 
this would happen and now it was. I was in heaven!

"I'm going to cum," I gasped as I felt my orgasm 

Miss Clarke's response was to grip my cock hard between 
her lips and slide up and down very fast. She was still 
going when my spunk started to pump out, it was the best 
orgasm I'd ever had I was making unintelligible 
animalistic noises as wave after wave of my spunk 
emptied into Miss Clarke's mouth.

"It sounded like you enjoyed that," Miss Clarke said, as 
she spoke dribbles of my spunk bubbled onto her lips. 
She laid on the bed beside me "now you can touch my 
pussy, get between my legs and lick me and finger me."

I quickly moved down the bed, as I did Miss Clarke 
opened her legs. "Kiss me down there," she said, "and 
then push your tongue between my pussy lips."

Once again I did exactly as she instructed, "Now hold my 
lips open with one hand, see my hole slide a finger in 
and out. Just above my hole is my clit, lick it. Not 
there up a bit. Oh yes, that's right that's good."

I felt her put her hand on my head to hold it in place, 
"Now use two fingers while you lick, oh that feels 
fantastic." I could smell her pussy, feel her juices on 
my fingers and I was proud of the fact I was making her 

"Now put your tongue inside me again, feel the juices 
from my we pussy on your tongue, leave your fingers in 
there. Keep alternating between my clit and hole." I 
followed her instructions to the letter, tasting her 
sweet pussy juices as they flowed.

"When you are hard again, fuck me." 

What did she mean again? My cock had been rock solid all 
the way through the whole wonderful experience, even 
after cumming it had remained erect. I immediately 
stopped with my fingers and tongue and moved to get my 
cock close to her pussy. I felt her hand grab hold of my 
cock and guide it towards her pussy. As I entered her I 
felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy envelop my cock 
and I began to thrust back and forth.

"Slow down a bit," she said, "soft gentle strokes work 
best for me. Now kiss me. Put that mouth of yours onto 
mine, let me lick my juices off your tongue." Being 
French kissed is something I had never experienced 
before, and as her tongue was in my mouth I could feel 
the taste of my own spunk off it. Soon she ended the 
kiss and pushed my head down. "Suck my tits while you 
fuck me."

I could hear Miss Clarke pant each time I slid my cock 
inside her. It was wonderful, but all too brief, soon I 
was about to come again.

"I'm going to cum inside you," I gasped.

"Cum for me, cum for me, fuck me till you fill my cunt 
with your spunk, oh yes cum for me," Miss Clarke 

"I'm cumming!!" I yelled as my cock unleashed a torrent 
of spunk inside her. As soon as I finished I collapsed 
on top of her, gasping deep breaths.

"Was that nice?" she asked. 

"Fantastic!" I responded. I rolled off her and lay back 
on the bed. That was my greatest orgasm ever, the 
previous leader, the one in Miss Clark's mouth had just 
moved into second place. Then something struck me. "Oh 
shit, what if..."

"It's ok, I'm on the contraceptive pill, we won't do 
what you parents did."

"That's a relief Miss Clarke, I didn't even think..."

"You're a man now, no longer a boy, so it's Emma not 
Miss Clarke." She smiled at me. "Of course in front of 
your parents it's still Miss Clarke - you don't want 
them to find out what we did do you?"

"No, they'd kill me!"

"I know what they say about your education being 
important, but what they failed to realise is that 
education is not just about bookwork, you needed to 
learn life skills too - maybe I should tell them..."

"Please don't!" I begged.

She smiled again. "Alright, on one condition," she said. 


"Every chance you get, every time you can, when you feel 
horny you come to me and fuck me. You learn how to 
pleasure a woman and I get my cunt filled by a hard cock 
and rivers of spunk."

She kissed me. "You need to realise however that this is 
just sex, you don't love me and I definitely don't love 
you but we can fuck whenever you want - but you need to 
be careful to make sure you keep this secret from your 

Of course I would agree. "Anytime I want to?"


I smiled at her. "Miss Cl.. I mean Emma, how about right 

"You are a horny fucker! I'm going to enjoy this," she 
said as her hand reached between my legs to grab my 

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