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Everything about her was voluptuous. Her face, her body, 
her manner and, finally, her lovemaking. Hari met her at 
a typically frenetic cocktail party hosted by yet 
another beautiful person in advertising. Hari detested 
these affairs. He found the people loud, desperate, 
greedy. His wife, Neha, who ran an ad agency insisted he 
go with her and, as always, she had her way.

"You've got weird friends," he grumbled.

She grinned wickedly. "Not half as weird as my husband."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, look at you. For the past twenty minutes, we've 
been fighting over this while you're still fucking me. 
Wouldn't you call that weird?"

Hari laughed. "I guess you're right."

"When am I not?"

Hari grinned and kissed her. She squeezed his taut 
buttocks open and he groaned as he felt her slender 
finger press at his anus. "Come on, my angry young man. 
Fuck me! Fuck me hard! OHHHH uhh!" Later, in the 
elevator going down to the garage, she kissed him 
deeply. "Hari, don't be surprised by anything you see 
tonight. You'll see a lot. These people are strange, and 
I'm one of them." "What are you going to do?" he asked 

She smiled, squeezing his cock affectionately through 
his trousers.

"Whatever I like."

"Which means fucking like crazy, I suppose."

"Among other things, yes. Certainly."

At the party, she promptly abandoned him. He drifted 
toward the bar and looked at the crowd. For a while, he 
battled bravely through the champagne and canap├ęs and 
then rapidly grew bored. The people were raucous and 
crude and shallow, full of themselves. The music was 
loud and unpleasant, with idiotic lyrics and an 
irritatingly insistent pumping rhythm.

Supriya was as obviously out of place as he was. He 
noticed her across the room, assumed she was another ad-
person and immediately ignored her. Nursing his Scotch, 
he felt sorry for himself. "I presume you're not one of 
these advertising types either." He heard a husky, 
sensual voice at his elbow.

He turned and smiled. "You're right. I'm not. Are you?"

She shook her head. "No. My... um... a friend of mine 

"Which one is she?"


"I'm sorry?"

"He. Not she. That one, there."

"By the wall?"

"That's the one. Draping himself all over that lovely 

Someone he knows."

Hari saw the man, a well-built, handsome young stud, 
leaning over Neha who stood against the wall. His arm 
was stretched over her shoulder, his hand on the wall 
behind her head. She was doing nothing to keep him away. 
Hari saw her face, the slightly parted lips, the dilated 
nostrils, the bright eyes and recognised the signs. He 
sighed. She would be fucking him before long. As he 
watched, the man put his hand on Neha's buttock and bent 
his head to hers. She responded with an arm around his 
neck. Hari turned to Supriya.

"Actually, that's my wife."

There was a little silence and Supriya looked at him 
curiously. She turned to the pair by the wall. Her 
friend's hand was on Neha's breast and their loins 
squirmed together. She slid her slender leg between his.

Neha was absolutely stunning. A long neck led from a 
perfect, oval face with high cheekbones, dark, large, 
*kajal*-rimmed eyes with long lashes, a fine, straight 
nose. Her mouth was sensual: the slim upper lip bowed 
sexily over a straight, full lower one. Her complexion 
was dusky and flawless, smooth as chocolate cream. Her 
body was slim, almost thin, with small breasts, a flat 
belly and flared hips. Her legs and arms were slender 
and elegant, her shapely feet encased in Roman sandals. 

Her fingers and toes and hands were beautifully formed. 
She wore a light cream coloured silk blouse and a 
matching pleated skirt. The blouse was cut low and wide, 
showing a good deal of dusky, smooth skin beneath. It 
was totally transparent and, quite evidently, she wore 
nothing beneath it. Her only jewelry was a thin gold 
chain around her neck, small diamond ear-studs and a 
slender bracelet on one wrist. Her silky hair was tied 
in a high pony tail. They broke apart and Neha slid her 
hands up the young man's deep chest, smiling prettily.

He was a fitting consort. Tall and broad-shouldered, 
with a hard, deep chest and a small waist, narrow, high 
hips, taut buttocks and powerful looking arms and legs. 
He was tall and clean-shaven with the slightly heavy 
features that marked people from the southwest regions 
of the country. His hair was thick and cut short, swept 
back, the nose fine, the mouth small, but fleshy, the 
eyes small and dark, the jaw strong. He was dressed 
quietly and well, in baggy pleated trousers with turn 
ups, dark oxford shoes, an open, ruffled shirt, its 
sleeves rolled up to the elbows. As Hari and Supriya 
watched, he slid his hand under her blouse and cupped 
her naked breast. Her lips parted sexily and she slid 
her hand between his legs.

"Oh my god," Supriya murmured.

"What's his name?" Hari said softly.


"Your boyfriend. The one pawing my wife. What's his 


A burst of loud laughter from across the room drew their 
attention. Five men were seated around a large glass-
topped coffee table on which an attractive young woman 
sprawled on her back. Her deeply cut, ridiculously short 
dress was drawn up to her waist. Her legs were forked. 
She was naked under it and she was masturbating slowly 
with two fingers. The men cheered and laughed, egging 
her on. She seemed to be deeply drugged, oblivious to 
her audience and her surroundings. Her hips twitched and 
jerked and she moaned thickly, her eyes closed, her head 
rolling slowly from shoulder to shoulder. A woman behind 
them said, "Excuse me for a minute." 

The man she was speaking to, a bearded young man wearing 
a black T-shirt with an obscene decal protested. "Hey, 
what's the matter?" She smiled. "Oh, nothing much. One 
of the servants is inside. I hear he has an astonishing 
cock. I'm going to try it out. Want to come and watch?"

The man laughed loudly and nodded. "I might just watch 
and cum!"

The woman snorted with laughter and led him across the 
living room.

"They're mad," Supriya said softly. "Are they always 
like this?"

"Is this your first ad-bang?"

She nodded. "Is that what they call it?"

"Yes. A time for all the beautiful ad-folk to unwind, 
let their hair down, let it all hang out -- and to bop 
one another madly." "Good God. Are you serious?"

"Oh, absolutely. Wait and watch." He grinned at her 



"Get you a drink?"

"Please. A vodka tonic, lots of ice."

He got her the drink. She took a long draft, and 
accepted a cigarette. He lit it with a Ronson lighter. 
She inhaled gratefully, blew out a thin stream of smoke.

"My name's Hari," he said.


"Pleased to meet you."

They smiled. He thought she was very attractive. Her 
face was pretty, in a sultry, sensual, earthy way. The 
eyes were large and dark, lined with *kajal*. Her mouth 
was full and sensual, the nose a tad heavy, but not 
unattractive. Her body was full and ripe, fleshy yet 
firm. Her breasts were large and round and high, and she 
wore a long, off-white *kurta* with a printed yoke 
pierced by a plunging V that revealed a tantalisingly 
deep and dark cleavage. She wasn't very tall, but she 
obviously took good care of her figure. Her belly was 
flat, her hips flared and he thought they'd make a 
perfect cushion for a man's thrusting pelvis.

They perched on bar stools and surveyed the steadily 
increasing frenzy in the room. Supriya looked at Hari 
out of the corner of her eye. He was watching the people 
with bemused expression. He's dishy, she thought, very 
dishy. Tall and dark, very good looking with a square 
jaw, clean-shaven, a strong, lean nose and deep-set dark 
eyes, thick, curly hair swept back. His mouth was slim 
and wide and sexy. His body was terrific. The shoulders 
sprawled, the neck was thick with muscle. 

The chest looked wide and deep and hard with slabs of 
strength, the belly flat and tough. His torso tapered to 
a narrow waist and high hips and his legs and arms were 
long and full of thick, round bunches of muscle. He was 
dressed casually, in soft leather shoes, dark pleated 
trousers of exquisite cut, a light blue shirt and 
paisley printed tie under a blazer. He wore no jewelry 
at all. His wrist watch was a quiet, flat Patek Phillipe 
with a simple black leather strap. There was nothing 
ostentatious about him, and yet his persona was 
compelling. She found him incredibly sexy.

Supriya had a strong and uninhibited sexual instinct and 
had several lovers since her mid teens. Karan was only 
the latest in a long string of studs to share her bed. 
She had met him recently on a business trip. He was a 
model, and they happened to be in the same hotel in a 
strange city. Their affair was young and, so far, she 
had enjoyed it. He was a good lover and he didn't hassle 
her. But Hari was something else. A real man. Powerful, 
handsome, strong. She wanted a lover like this.

They sat in silence, looking at the room. Couples 
gyrated to the music, jigging and twisting energetically 
by the huge speakers. A man began stripping the woman on 
the coffee table. Supriya watched him pull off the 
woman's dress and grope her breasts. A manservant came 
by with a tray of canap├ęs. 

He had a raging erection that he couldn't hide. His 
penis made a tent in the crotch of his tight white 
trousers. He was a good-looking young man with a 
handsome face and a slim, attractive body. He came to 
her and offered her the tray. His eyes were glassy, his 
nostrils flared, his lips parted. She waved him away. 
She spotted another servant, and another. Both were 
attractive. Their crotches bulged.

A sound from the group by the coffee table drew her 
attention again. Somebody had produced a dildo-vibrator. 
The woman on the table was masturbating furiously, 
moaning and crying out. Her body heaved and writhed. She 
plunged the huge thing in and out of her cunt, her hands 
and arms taut with tension, jerking back and forth. Two 
or three women joined the group to watch. 

One of them unbuttoned a man's fly and bent her head 
over his lap and began sucking his cock hungrily, her 
head bobbing rapidly over his lap. Another woman pulled 
open her blouse and sat on a young man's lap. He sucked 
her breasts and began finger-fucking her. She moaned 
loudly and fumbled for his penis, moving it between her 
naked thighs to her evidently wet slit. 

Someone in the group beckoned to a servant. The servant 
bent over, the man said something to him, the servant 
nodded and grinned. He was a young, dark, good-looking 
guy with a lean body. He set down his tray and undid his 
trousers and dropped them in a puddle to his feet. His 
cock was long and thick and dark, better than any 
Supriya had known in a while. 

The servant reached forward and took the vibrator from 
the masturbating woman. He knelt between the woman's 
legs and began masturbating her. With his free hand, he 
jerked his cock. It ballooned rapidly, growing to 
immense proportions. The watching women looked at it 
with naked lust.

"My god, what a cock," one of them moaned.

"Yeah... these servants have the best pricks. They make 
the best lovers."

"Tell me about it, Sheela!" One of the men laughed. "You 
sleep with them all, don't you?"

The woman laughed. "But of course, darling. What can I 
do with a husband who'd rather be playing golf?"

"But you said you play too?"

The woman snorted. "Sure. The difference is he uses a 
stick to put balls in a hole. I get balls to put a stick 
in my hole." The group groaned in mock despair at the 
awful joke and turned back to the servant and the woman 
on the table. The servant slid the vibrator out of her 
cunt. She moaned and her hands went down between his 
legs to take his cock, tugging it to her cunt. The 
servant thrust his hips forward suddenly and rammed his 
cock deep into her cunt, with a loud cry, his head 
jerking back.


The woman cried out, the breath whooshing from her as 
his cock slammed deep and hard into her cunt. The 
spectators guffawed and cheered. The woman's hips bucked 
and lurched upward and her body twisted and writhed and 
her face contorted in a rictus of lust. Her legs rose 
and wound about his hips. He started to fuck her with 
hard, strong thrusts. The crowd cheered and applauded. 
Hari recognised the woman as a model who played the 
housewife in a popular detergent ad. Hari touched her 
elbow. "Supriya. Look."

She turned to Karan and Neha. Karan had opened her 
blouse fully and she had unzipped his trousers. They 
were kissing, his hands mauling her breasts, her fingers 
around his cock. She tongued his ear lasciviously and he 
slid his hands under her skirt and flipped it up over 
her hips. She was naked under it. 

As they watched, Neha slithered to her knees before 
Karan and began sucking his penis. He groaned and fucked 
her face, rocking her head back and forth with one hand, 
his hips pumping. She sucked him harder and harder, her 
head rolling and twisting, her tongue snaking and 
slithering over his cock. "Hey Neha!" someone bellowed 
across the room. "Remember Kathmandu?"

She looked up and giggled. "How could I forget? Four at 
a time!"

"Yeah, and me in Pondicherry!" someone else said. "And 
again tonight?"

"Maybe, if you're nice to me," she taunted.

Karan laughed and pulled her head back to his cock. 
Supriya and Hari watched in silence as she sucked him 
vigorously. He groaned in joy, then pulled her to her 
feet. They kissed and she undid his trousers and they 
dropped to his knees. He caught her buttocks and she 
spread her legs and hopped up in his hands, her legs 
winding about his thighs, her arms around his shoulders.

"Fuck me," they heard her say. "Fuck me hard, Karan... 
fuck my cunt!" His buttocks flexed and she gasped, her 
head arching back. Karan began fucking her rapidly, his 
buttocks twitching, flexing, unflexing, jerking and 
thudding back and forth. Neha's voice was loud and sharp 
and ragged. Her body snapped and jerked against the 
wall. Her head was flung back, her eyes closed. Karan 
slammed his hips back and forth. His cock ran hard and 
deep into her cunt.

"Yes yes yes yes yes Ohhhhh yes baby yes... fuck me... 
fuck me harder c'mon you bastard shove it in yes Ohhh 
yes... yes ohhh god yes..."

"Take it... take it whore... take my cock... take it you 
bitch... mm yeh... ohhhh yes yes... Ohhh god yes..." 
Karan groaned. They finished quickly, gasping and 
groaning. Neha leaned against the wall, catching her 
breath. Her skirt was still up around her hips, her cunt 
naked for all to see, her blouse wide open. Karan jerked 
up his trousers. She dropped her skirt and pulled her 
blouse together. They moved away from the wall. As they 
passed, Neha grinned at Karan. "I want one of these 
servants," she said aloud.

Karan laughed. "Three of us?"

"Yes, like Ooty, remember, with the waiter, what was his 


"Yeah, right. Selvy."

"No, not like that. Like this," he mimicked her in mid-
orgasm, "Oh Selvy-Selvy-Selvy yes Ohhh yes!"

Neha laughed and punched his arm affectionately. "Come 
on, idiot. Let's find me a servant-cock."

They moved away, and Neha looked over her shoulder at 
Hari and winked wickedly. Hari shook his head with a 
weary smile. "Let's get out of here," he sighed.

"Yes." Her voice was low and curiously husky.

He turned to her and smiled gently. "Want to go out?"

"What's the choice?"

"We could just go and sit quietly in another room."

"Or?" She said, sliding off the bar stool and putting 
down her drink.

"We could go someplace and fuck."

She smiled. "That sounds better. All this is making me 

"Really? I find it boring."

"I thought it'd turn you on."

"Nope. No soul."

She didn't answer.

"It's a bit stupid, if you know what I mean. I think 
they do it just to be different. It has a hint of 
depraved desperation to it." "I don't know. It has a 
compelling hungriness to it." "That's true. But if these 
people ordinarily enjoyed greater sexual freedom, they 
probably wouldn't feel the need for this." "And I take 
it that you enjoy that sexual liberty?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do."

"You fuck around?"


"Outside marriage?"

"Oh, yes certainly."

"Your wife... sorry, what did you say her name was?"

"Actually, I didn't. Neha."

"Neha. She doesn't mind?"

"Not in the least. She can't afford to." He smiled. "No, 
I'm no chauvinist androcrat. Just that she has the same 
freedom herself. As you saw."

He studied her quietly. "You're uncomfortable about 
this." "No, not really," she said. "I mean, I have my 
lovers, too. It's just that it's, well, unusual. 
Especially in this country." He laughed. "You couldn't 
be more wrong, Supriya. Don't forget, we have a history 
of sex, several hundred years of it. The Kama Sutra, 
Khajuraho and all that."

She smiled. "You're probably right. I suppose the urban 
middle class is no gauge."

"None at all. And you're wrong even there. You should 
see the things they do, in all those squalid *chawls* 
and *bastis*." "But that still doesn't explain this... 
this frenzy..." "No, it doesn't," he agreed. "I'm just 
saying that it's wrong to see Indians as puritans. 
They're not, by and large. But these people aren't doing 
it for pleasure. At least, not pleasure as we understand 

"What then?"

He looked at her quietly. "You know, these people are 
absurdly lonely. And their loneliness scares them. They 
need this kind of thing to feel that they belong, that 
they're wanted. It gives them a sense of identity. It's 
like being a member of a club." "Possible," she said 
nodding slowly. "That makes sense."

"And it's certainly a salve to their inferiority 


"It gives them that heady feeling of power. Take that 
guy, for instance, the one who got the servant to fuck 
the woman on the table. She's his boss, by the way, and 
he's got his job only because she likes being fucked by 
him. She treats him like dogshit. This is his way of 
flexing muscle and restoring his self-image. It's 
pathetic." "You object to women keeping men?"

"Not at all. It's necessary. Even if they're only 
playthings. Toyboys."

"Then what's the objection?"

"The fact that these women treat the men like dirt. It's 
okay to be casual about sex, to do it for the physical 
release. Actually, I think that's the best kind of sex. 
When's it's unfettered by silly adolescent notions of 
love and all that kind of thing. But when the women 
treat the men like a pair of shoes, to be used till 
they're scuffed and then pitched out -- that I detest. 
You just can't treat human beings like that."

"Although the relationship is merely sexual?" 
"Especially then. Incidentally, I don't think there's 
anything 'mere' about sex. It's very important, very 
precious." "What is? Just sex, with anyone at all, or 
sex with someone special?" "Just sex. I thrive on sex. 
It justifies my existence. The people don't matter."

"I thought you just said they did."

"What I said is that it doesn't matter whom you fuck, so 
long as it's good for both of you, and neither treats 
the other like shit." "Complete equality?"

"That's right."

"For both."


She laughed. "Well, I must say, I find that 


"Yes," she continued. "Oh I agree with everything you 
said. But it's not often one finds a man sensitive 
enough to understand. Generally, it's a feminine 

"You speak from experience, of course," he said grinning 

She smiled. "Don't be clever. But, since you ask, yes, 
in fact, I do. Karan's only the latest in a long line. 
Since I was sixteen, actually."

"And how did the others end?"

She shrugged. "Badly for me, usually. The men walked 
out. Only a couple stayed friends."

"That's too bad."

"It's okay. I'm a survivor. I have my friends."

"And lovers?"

"And lovers," she laughed.

"And Karan, how does he feel about your old lovers 
coming back?"

"I honestly don't know. We've never talked about it."

"Why not?"

"Oh, we have this understanding. He doesn't have a place 
to stay in Bombay, so I let him use mine free. In 
return, he has to fuck me when I want him to. Beyond 
that, he's free to do his thing and I mine. When I don't 
want him he's free to fuck anyone else and so am I." 
"And what is it you do?"

"Market research." She named a leading agency and said 
she was its chief executive.

He nodded. He had heard of it. Highly respected, with 
high powered clientele.

"You must travel a great deal."

"I do. That's where I pick up old threads. Sometimes we 
even have dinner or a drink."

He laughed. "That's quite liberated, too. Your friends 
must enjoy your visits."

"Oh yes. Even the married ones. I'm very good in bed, 
actually." He looked at her with an amused expression. 
"Is that so?" he drawled softly.

"So they say."

"Do you want to join one of these groups?"

She shook her head. "Not now, no. Maybe later. I've done 
it often enough in the past. I prefer the slower variety 
now. But your wife seems to enjoy it."

He laughed. "Oh she does, immensely. Frankly, she's a 
bit of a nympho.

A fabulous piece of ass. One of the best."

"What about you?"

He looked at her steadily for a moment before answering. 
"I'm exceptionally good in bed."

Supriya felt a frisson of excitement. There was no 
hubris in his tone, just a quiet confidence. She readily 
believed it. He must be an extraordinary lover.

Hari nudged her and pointed to the dining table across 
the room. Neha was stark naked, on her back on the table 
between the flower arrangements and crockery and 
cutlery. Her hips were at the edge of the table, her 
legs spread wide. A servant was between her legs, his 
head thrust into her crotch, tongue-fucking her. They 
heard her moan loudly. Her hips bucked and writhed. She 
clenched his hair with one hand, moving his head around 
in her crotch. 

With her other hand, she squeezed her breasts in 
excitement. Karan, another servant, and several men and 
women stood around watching. The men had dropped their 
trousers and were masturbating their enormous erections. 
The women were stripping slowly, fondling their breasts 
and cunts. As they watched, the servant lifted his head 
and shuffled forward between Neha's legs. He held them 
high and wide on either side of his broad chest. She 
fumbled for his cock.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me hard!"

The man chortled and squeezed his cock into her cunt. 
She gasped and arched under him. He groaned and they saw 
him flex his buttocks slowly, driving his cock deep into 
her. She whimpered happily. The man began to fuck her 
with steady back-and-forth strokes. "As you see," Hari 
murmured. "Neha and I are have our preferences. She 
enjoys this kind of thing, I don't much. I prefer to 
enjoy my lovers slowly, too, when I can."

"Can't you always?"

He looked at her and smiled. "Sadly no. My work, you 

"What's that? Your work, I mean."

"I'm sorry, I should have explained."

"Yes. So what do you do?"

"I fuck."

"I'm sorry?"

"I fuck," he repeated, his eyes lingering on hers. 
"That's my job. To fuck women."


"No," he laughed. "I'm not a gigolo. Though I do hire 
myself out occasionally, for kicks. I do porno films."

She stared at him, astonished.

"Sorry, does that bother you?"

She shook her head. "No, not at all. Go on... you were 
saying..." "Mm? Oh yes, my work. Yes, I'm a porno-film 
stud. I also do shoots for porno magazines, live shows, 
that kind of thing." "That's your full time job?"

"No. Only part. Increasingly, I'm sorry to say, a small 
part. I work for the firm that produces these things. 
We're quite big. Heard of Hedon & Venery?"

"Good god, yes. I have all their videos and magazines. I 
use their products constantly."

"Which ones?"

"The drugs, the dildos."

"Ever used their room services? At the bordello?"

"The Apistia. Certainly. At least twice a week."

"I work there, too."

"But we've never met!"

"We have a lot of men on call. Who's your favourite?"

"Oh, they're all fantastic. Kishore and Jayant are the 
best, though. Absolutely unbelievable. I once had them 
both together."

"Must have cost you a packet."

"It was worth every damn penny," she laughed. "I've 
never had so many orgasms in one night. You actually 
work for Hedon & Venery?" "Yes. Chief of 

"And what does that involve, exactly?"

He smiled. "I make sure that everything runs smoothly. 
That our clientele gets what it pays for, audiences get 
the best movies and shows and the reading public gets 
the steamiest magazines going." "A hands-on job, is it?"

He laughed. "Yes, frequently. Thank god."

Then he looked at her steadily. "I also oversee 

She held his eyes. "Is that so?" she murmured.

"Yes, it is."

"Do you take volunteers?" she asked softly.

"I have the discretion to test them, yes."

"Would you like to exercise that discretion?"

"With you?"


"With pleasure."

"That, I guarantee," she laughed.

"We'll see," he smiled. "We'll see."

"Come on, then."

"After you. Please."

By now the floor of the living room was a tangle of 
writhing, gasping, heaving bodies. The servant had 
abandoned the woman on the coffee table. Now, she was on 
the floor on all fours, sucking a man's cock while 
another fucked her cunt furiously from behind. The 
servant himself was locked in a sixty-nine with another 
woman. Three men were fucking an attractive young model 

She couldn't have been more than nineteen. 

She was slender and lovely in her nakedness. Her face 
twisted in agony as one of the men, lying on his back on 
the floor, forced her anus onto his cock. A second man 
shuffled between her forked legs. She protested, 
whimpering. He grunted and pressed his cock-head to her 
cunt and told her to relax and kissed her. Her cunt-lips 
opened and he squeezed his cock into her. The girl 
screamed thinly. 

The two men began to fuck her together, their cocks 
sawing in and out of her cunt and ass alternately. Her 
body jerked and thrashed between theirs. She turned her 
face to the third man who thrust his cock into her 
mouth. Across the room, Neha was half twisted on her 
side, her upper leg raised high, while another servant 
fucked her cunt brutally. She gasped and moaned, jerking 
and snapping under his thrusts. He went faster and a man 
stepped forward and pushed his cock at her mouth. She 
began to suck it greedily.

Hari and Supriya walked across the room. They entered a 
long corridor lined with books and video films, many of 
them classics of pornography. Hari noticed several 
titles from Hedon & Venery's film and publishing 

The house had three bedrooms. In the first, a young man 
was on his back, two women in stages of undress beside 
him. Another, naked, was astride his groin, his cock 
stuck deep in her slit, her head flung back. The boy had 
a lewd look on his grinning face. He was good looking 
and well built, evidently the servant with the monster 
cock. Hari estimated it to be ten inches long and 
correspondingly thick. 

The woman was moaning and keening, rocking back and 
forth, her buttocks writhing and grinding on his lap, 
rising and falling eagerly. The boy had his hands on her 
breasts, squeezing them hard, chuckling and chortling, 
calling her *whore, bitch, slut*. The woman bucked 
madly, her voice ragged. Another woman moaned softly and 
slid onto the bed and straddled the youth's face. He 
thrust his tongue up into her cunt and she gasped, 
arching, her hands on her breasts. The woman riding his 
cock bent forward and kissed the newcomer. A bearded man 
groaned as his companion dropped to her knees and took 
his cock in her mouth. 

 After several minutes, the trio on the bed broke apart. 
The woman who'd had her cunt licked turned on all fours 
and the servant rammed his enormous cock into her. She 
cried out, her body jerking forward, her heavy breasts 
jiggling. The other woman knelt behind him and began to 
lick his balls and anus. The boy groaned and slammed his 
hips rapidly back and forth, his huge cock squelching 
and rasping into the woman's cunt.

In the next room, they found a naked couple. The woman 
was on her back, the man bent over her, fucking her 
furiously. They didn't even look up. The man's buttocks 
bobbed and pumped, rocking feverishly up and down, his 
short, thick cock stabbing deep into the woman. She 
gasped and arched writhing in delight, moaning aloud. 
Her breasts wobbled under his thrusts and she squeezed 
them in a frenzy, crying out loudly.

"Yes! Ohhhh baby yes! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me harder! 
C'mon! Do it!" Her lover began ramming and reaming 
savagely into her cunt. Her body whipped on the bed. The 
man levered her thighs open with his knees and plunged 
savagely into her, making her scream thinly. His 
buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly and his cock 
plunged in and out of her visibly wet cunt.

They heard a babble of voices behind them and returned 
to the first bedroom. Neha had come in with another 
servant and Karan. The trio on the bed had broken apart. 
One of the women who had just been fucked by the servant 
was now with the bearded man. He bent over her, his 
buttocks bobbing, his thick cock glistening in and out 
of her cunt. 

The other two women had found a dildo and were locked in 
a lesbian embrace. They kissed passionately, and one of 
them forced the thick, long dildo into the other's cunt. 
Neha went up to the servant with the big penis and 
kissed him hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his 
mouth, one hand around his shoulders, the other on his 
cock. "I want this one," she murmured. "I want this 
cock. Fuck me with it... ram my cunt with it!"

Behind her, the other servant pressed his cock to her 
buttocks and put his arms around her to squeeze her 
breasts. She groaned and slipped to her knees before 
them. The two erect penises quivered in front of her 
face. She began to suck them greedily. They were big and 
dark and her face was distended with their size. She 
moaned and whimpered, her pointed tongue rolling over 
their cock-heads, jerking and sucking them alternately, 
then together. She turned to Karan, who was grinning and 

Hari noted Karan's fine physique. Neha would enjoy 
herself. She took his cock in her mouth and began to 
suck him hard. Her fists and lips were soon sticky with 
his gunk, his dark cock big and erect and hard and long, 
throbbing in her hands. He held her head in his hands 
and moved it rapidly back and forth, fucking her face. 
The two servants pawed her body and she fondled their 
cocks and testicles, releasing Karan to suck the others 
for a while. Karan chuckled lewdly.

"Great piece of ass, heh?" he said to the servants, who 
grinned appreciatively.

The three men stood with their heads bowed, watching her 
suck them off. Then a servant grabbed and fucked her 
face rapidly, jerking her head furiously back and forth, 
pumping his hips. Karan pushed his cock in her mouth 

"Ohhh yeh baby yeh... mm yeh... suck it ohhhh god 
yes..." he moaned.

As Hari and Supriya watched, all four moved to the bed. 
One of the men lay down and Neha bent over his lap, on 
her knees, her buttocks thrust back. She took one cock 
in her mouth and called for the other servant to fuck 
her cunt hard. He chuckled and knelt behind her and 
squeezed her penis into the dark cleft between her 
buttocks. With a loud cry, he slammed his hips forward 
and buried his penis in her cunt. Neha's head whipped up 
and she cried out sharply, her face distending with joy. 
She took the first servant's penis in her mouth again 
and began to suck him furiously.

Behind her, the man fucked her savagely, holding her 
slender hips and jerking her back and forth on his 
penis, slamming his hips at her buttocks. He came hard, 
spattering her buttocks with his jizz and Karan took his 
place. Just then, the man under her came in her mouth, 
and she opened her lips wide and caught his jizz on her 
tongue. It splashed on her face and breasts.

"Oh baby yes... oh god yes... fuck me... ohhh yes!" she 
cried deliriously.

"UNNNHHHHHH! OH-UNHHHHHHHHHH!" he gasped as he swung his 
hips and spiralled into her, skewering her cunt.

He fucked her steadily, holding her hips, rocking his 
hips rhythmically back and forth, his cock going in and 
out of her pussy. She rocked on all fours before him. 
The thin gold chain around her neck swung with their 
thrusts. He squeezed her breasts hard. She moaned 

"Oh god Karan oh god oh god oh god oh god ohhh baby yes 
yes ohhh god yes that's it baby yes... do it baby yes... 
Mm, yeh ohhhh yeh yeh yeh... do it lover... fuck my cunt 
mm, yes... OHHHHhh yes that's it... oh baby that feels 
so good... yes OHHhh yes!" 

"Take it... take it... take it bitch... take it Neha... 
take it ohh god oh baby oh baby yes yes... ohhh baby 
yeh... mm, yeh ohhh god yeh... god, you're so hot... so 
tight... so good yeh ohhh Neha take it bitch... mm 
yehhhh that's it uhh AHHHHHHH!" Karan gasped in reply.

The two servants had pried apart the writhing lesbians 
on the floor and were fucking them vigourously from 
behind, lying on their side. The women moaned with lust.

Supriya was riveted by the sight. She turned to Hari 
with a soft moan.

"Hari... I'm hot... fuck me...," she whimpered. They 
hurried to the third bedroom and he bolted the door. 
Supriya flung herself at him, kissing him hungrily, 
thrusting her tongue into his mouth, squeezing her 
breasts against his chest, pressing her loins to his.

"Hey, hey, slow down!" he laughed. "We're alone. No need 
to rush.

Besides, it's against our rules."

"What rules?"

"Standard operating procedure at Hedon & Venery. 
Take your time on a field test."

"Is that all I am to you? Just a field test?"

"Absolutely. Now you're just another piece of ass, good 
for a fuck."

"And no promises."


"Just a good fuck."

"I don't know about the good bit -- yet."

"I'm good."

"I intend to find out."

"Thank god for that."

He drew her close, an arm over her shoulder. Her breath 
was sweet and warm. She wore a musky, erotic perfume 
that suited her admirably. Her lips parted slowly as her 
head inclined to his. His lips met hers, plucked at her 
lips, fled, returned, held. He sucked gently on her 
lower lip. He slid his tongue into her mouth, fencing 
against hers, running his over her teeth and under her 
lips, over her gums. She responded hungrily.

"You realise that by now we're the most overdressed 
couple in this house?"

"Not for long," he grinned. "At least, I hope not."

"You do not hope in vain," she murmured.

She began to undress him, taking off his blazer and tie, 
undoing the buttons of his shirt. They kicked off their 
footwear. He cupped her breasts and found them swollen 
and hot, turgid. Her nipples were rigid. He squeezed her 
breasts gently, making her moan deep in her throat.

She pulled his shirt out of his trousers and off his 
shoulders. His body was superbly contoured, ridged with 
muscle and thick veins. His skin was stretched taut over 
the musculature, almost translucent. His torso was 
totally hairless, incredibly sexy. He rucked up her 
*kurta*, sliding his hands over her breasts, making her 

Stepping back slightly, she crossed her arms and pulled 
the *kurta* off her head and shrugged off her bra. Her 
breasts were lovely, large and firm and round with large 
dark aureoles and thick, long, stiff nipples. She jerked 
the cord of her *churidar*; it rustled to her feet. She 
bent and tugged off her panties and stepped naked to 
him. He stroked her naked buttocks and breasts and back 
in mounting excitement. Her fingers crawled under the 
waistband of his trousers. Her fingertips coiled around 
the base of his shaft.

"Mm, nice and big," she murmured throatily. "Nice and 
big." He grinned. She undid his trousers. His cock was 
nine inches long limp, an inch thick, with heavy, low 
balls. He had shaved his balls and the cock-shaft down 
to the hilt. Another SOP of Hedon & Venery for all 
studs. Anacalypsis Productions, Hedon & Venery's 
film division insisted that it made for better close-up 
footage when the cocks went into cunts and assholes. 
Supriya dropped to her knees and cupped it in her hands.

"It's beautiful," she murmured thickly. "I'm going to 
love this!" Hari watched with amusement as Supriya 
fondled his cock, caressing her face with it, peppering 
it with kisses. Moaning deeply, she began to masturbate 
him, jerking his penis slowly. His cock began to swell 
and harden in her hands. She rolled the foreskin back 
and her lips, already parted, now widened and her long 
tongue snaked out and swirled about his cock-head. Hari 
gasped sharply, sucking in his breath. Flames of 
pleasure shot through him, flickered at his loins. She 
was damned good.

"Mm... yeh... suck it... yes... that's it... keep going 
bitch keep sucking my cock... Ohhh yes... mm... that's 
nice... mm... that's it... yes..." he murmured 
approvingly. Her head tilted from side to side as she 
licked and kissed his penis and balls. Her tongue coiled 
about his cock-head again, rapped at his glans, swirled 
rapidly over his cock-head, rippled down his shaft, over 
his balls, up again. Then her lips enveloped his cock-
head and part of his shaft and she began to suck him 

"Mm... yeh... ohhh yeh baby... suck it... mm yes... 
that's it... ohhhhh that's good... mm... yes... suck it 
bitch... suck my prick... god yes!" Hari gasped, 
flinging his head back. He fucked her face, rocking her 
head gently back and forth with his hand, relishing the 
wonderful warm moistness of her mouth. 

Her electric tongue swirled and coiled incessantly over 
his gorged cock-head, her fist pumping his shaft. She 
ducked her head and sucked his balls one by one. Her 
tongue contoured over his large testicles. He bent his 
head, aroused further by the sight of her lips encasing 
his cock-head and his shaft, slip-sliding up and down 
his cock. It gleamed, dark and hard and long, shining 
and throbbing, glistening with his pre-cum gunk now. 

Hari stretched his arms and fondled her swollen breasts 
and hard nipples, making her squirm. He caressed her 
face, the nape of her neck, pulling her head further 
forward, thrusting more of his cock into her. The musky 
odour and tangy taste of his semen aroused her and she 
thrust a hand between her legs, arched a finger into her 
slit and began to masturbate. He noticed and fucked her 
face harder and deeper, his hips jerking rapidly back 
and forth, rocking her head swiftly toward his crotch. 

She whimpered deep in her throat as it filled her mouth. 
It pulsed ominously under her tongue and he pulled her 
to her feet. They kissed again, and he could taste 
himself on her lips. Her breasts crushed hot and fat 
against him. Her nipples scraped against his hard chest 
and she writhed against him, his cock hard against her 

"Hari," she gasped, "fuck me... fuck me hard... 

He seated her at the edge of the bed with her legs over 
the side. He knelt between her split thighs and fingered 
her slit. She moaned deep in her throat when he kissed 
her again. He cupped and weighed the big, swollen 
luscious mounds of her breasts. He bent his head, 
squeezed one succulent breast in his fingers and dragged 
his thick, rough tongue out heavily over her nipple.

"OHHHHH OHHHHH!" she gasped, tensing in excitement. He 
drew the nipple into his mouth and scraped it across his 
teeth and gums, flicking it this way and that with his 
tongue, rubbing it across the roof of his mouth. He 
sucked on it sharply, making her gasp and fling her head 
back. He let go, sucked again, let go, sucked harder. 
Supriya groaned, panting. He moved to the other breast 
and toyed with the nipple, sucking it, then slowly 
releasing it, sucking harder and harder. The sensation 
was exquisite. Her nipples throbbed. "OHHHH UNHH OHHH!" 
she moaned.

He squeezed her heavy breasts together and sucked on 
both nipples simultaneously. Supriya gasped, arching 
hard, her head whipping back, her mouth tearing open, a 
jagged, sore cry erupting from her throat. "OHHHHHHH 
yes-yes-yes!" she gasped.

He moved lower and, moaning and gasping, she slid onto 
her back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. His tongue 
traced a tantalising line downward, through her navel, 
dipping lower still. He nuzzled her cunt-fuzz; Supriya 
trembled; her hips twitched and jerked up at his face. 

Dewdrops of cunt-juice glistened on her pubic hair and 
sodden cunt-lips and the tender flesh within. She clawed 
her cunt-lips wide. "Oh god yes... lick it... suck my 
slit... come on baby... eat my cunt..." she begged, her 
voice throaty and sexy. Hari's tongue swirled into her 
cunt. Supriya gasped, and her back arched. The breath 
hissed from her throat, and her head jerked to one side. 

She moaned loudly, her hands flying to her breasts, 
squeezing them hard in a frenzy of lust, tweaking and 
pinching her rigid nipples. Her fingers entwined in his 
hair, pinning him to her pumping loins. Her body flushed 
and she felt the first sexy trickle of sweat in her 
cleavage. His tongue was wonderful in her slit, probing 
deep, his lips sucking on her inflamed clitoris, his 
sharp teeth nibbling on it, making her cry in joy. Her 
body arched, her mouth tore open in a cry of joy.

"OHHHH Hari-Hari-Hari yes oh god yes oh yes yes oh god 
yes!" she moaned, her groin lurching up to his face.

Her hips ground under his face. She clenched his hair 
and kept his face pinned between her trembling thighs. 
His tongue was utterly relentless, rippling like fire 
through her crack, flickering like lightning against her 
swollen clitoris, running up and down, lapping at the 
thick, heady juices that flowed in a heavy stream. She 
moaned and whimpered, her head rolling ecstatically on 
her shoulders, crying out as he pushed her to the brink 
of an orgasm. "Yes Ohhhhh uhhh OHHH yes yes OHHH god 
yes!" she cried. Abruptly, he stopped, denying her 
satisfaction. Supriya gasped in disbelief.

"God, don't... stop!" she cried angrily. "Don't stop 
now, you bastard!"

He chuckled. She was really quite good, great goods, a 
worthy fuck. Almost as good as the young film star he 
had filmed in audition last week, what was her name, 
Juhi. Now there was something exceptional -- that face, 
that body, that laugh... that hunger for sex... He had 
enjoyed his sex with her after the shoot.

"Now bitch... feel my meat!" he growled aloud, driven by 
the memory. He knelt between her split legs, lifted her 
thighs in his hands and pulled them apart. She reached 
down and pulled her cunt-lips wide for him.

"Yes... c'mon Hari... put it in... all of it... I want 
your cock..." she begged.

He chuckled. Slowly, he guided his cock to her hole and 
squeezed the enormous cock-head through the sodden 
portals of her cunt. It squeezed past her wet cunt-lips 
and the thick, bulging cock-head popped into her cunt-
flesh. At the first blazing touch of his cock in her 
cunt, Supriya arched in shock and delirious joy, gasping 
loudly. "UHHHHh... OHHhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried.

Her cunt spasmed on his cock, a hot, wet, tight vice and 
Hari flung his head back and gasped in delight. Her cunt 
was wonderful. His buttocks flexed and he thrust 
forward, sinking into her soft cunt-flesh. The enormity 
of his penis seared into her and Supriya moaned in 
delight, her head arching.

"OHHHhhh yes... god yes yes... c'mon Hari... shove it 
all in yes... OHHHHHH yes baby... that's it... mm... god 
you're so big... so hard... fuck me lover... Oh god in 
heaven yes!" He continued to thrust into her, squeezing 
inch by glorious inch into her flesh. His buttocks 
flexed slowly as he went in deeper still. Embedded 
finally in her flesh, he paused to savour the exquisite 
heat of her cunt and its powerful contractions on his 
invading penis. 

Her hips writhed and ground in slow, heavy circles, her 
cunt spasming on his cock. His face craned in delight 
and he groaned at the wet heat of her slit. Beneath him, 
Supriya moaned, her face contorted in a rictus of lust, 
her back bowed taut. Her fingers cupped his balls, 
squeezing gently. Hari moaned loudly. Supriya whimpered, 
her body bathed in sweat, her head rolling languorously 
from shoulder to shoulder. 

She squeezed her turgid breasts hard, rolling them under 
her palms. "C'mon Hari... fuck me... fuck me hard," she 
muttered. His cock was wonderful within her, rock hard 
and burning hot; she could feel it throb and pulsate 
inside her flesh. She wound her legs about his back and 
swung her hips in a hard circle, mashing her own cunt-
flesh with his pestle. She gasped as his thick shaft 
rasped over her inflamed clitoris. 

He grunted in delight. "Ohhhhh baby yes..." he grunted.

He levered her thighs wider and her legs unwound, her 
feet rising. His belly drew in and his buttocks unflexed 
as he slowly slid out of her, pulling out till only the 
very tip of his penis remained inside her. She gasped as 
his massive cock ground out, the thick-veined, rough-
skinned shaft rasping against her clitoris. 

He held himself out of her for a long moment, and she 
moaned, her cunt arching upward hungrily. Slowly he 
thrust into her again, grinding down with a fierce roll 
of his hips, entering her from all angles. Supriya cried 
out, her head jerking and craning to one side, her back 
arching steeply, her face twisting as the huge cock went 
in and in and in, probing the deepest recesses of her 

He began to fuck her slowly, rocking his hips in a 
measured rhythm. His cock glistened and shone as it 
emerged and disappeared into her cunt. His buttocks 
flexed and unflexed. The gargantuan penis throbbed and 
pulsed in and out of her spasming cunt. He fucked her 
unhurriedly. Her cunt was a fiery glove, enveloping him. 
His cock was magnificent. She moaned deliriously, her 
head flipping from side to side in ecstasy, her hands on 
her breasts, squeezing and crushing the heavy mounds. 
Her hips moved with his, pumping heavily, heaving up at 
his in naked lust.  

Hari arched his handsome head and began moving faster. 
His trim, slender hips rocked back and forth, snapping 
at the waist, his buttocks flexing and unflexing 
rhythmically. Supriya cried out, and her body jerked and 
snapped back and forth with his thrusts, her back bowing 
with every lunge. Her swollen breasts jiggled, the gold 
chain around her neck tossed and slithered on her dusky 
skin. Faster and faster he went, and started to ram-fuck 
her, slamming his hips forward, his balls swinging up 
against her cunt-lips. He put his hand on her belly, 
pinning her down as she thrashed under him. 

The bed heaved and bucked. Supriya's breasts throbbed, 
the nipples quivering nuthard. Supriya loved being 
fucked like this. His cock was relentless, plowing in, 
sliding out, thrusting in hard and deep and fast, over 
and over again, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

Sweat glistened and splintered off their bodies. Their 
cries rose. Her cunt spasmed uncontrollably; his penis 
was impossibly big. Its heat scorched her cunt.

"OHHHHhh... uhhh... OH god oh god oh god oh god oh god 
ohhhhh uhhhh OHHHH... uhhh... OHHHHHh... yes oh yes oh 
yes ohhh god yes ohhhhhh uhhh OHHHHHh uhh 
yehbabyyesohhhhhhhhhh!" she cried. 

"Mm... Uhhhhh... Unhhhhhh... UNhhhhhhh... UNH-UNh-Unh 
ohhh yeh take it cunt... mm... yeh... that's it... take 
it bitch... yeh... take it ohhh yes take it bitch... 
c'mon you whore... take my cock Ohhh yeh!" he growled.

The violent language excited her even more.

"UNH-UNH-HUH-UNH-HUH-UNH-UH-UNH-UNH!"she cried, her 
fleshy body heaving frantically on the bed.

Faster and faster he moved, jerking his hips savagely 
back and forth, his thrusts shorter, deeper, harder. His 
cock pistoned and rocketed furiously in and out of her 
cunt, his hard shaft mashing her swollen clitoris. His 
buttocks flexed and unflexed, his hips swinging like a 
trip- hammer.

The door slammed open. A couple stumbled in, very drunk. 
They stopped, gasped, staring at Hari and Supriya.

"Fuck, check it out!" the guy said.

"Oh my god... oh my god!" the girl moaned.

Hari grinned at them over his shoulder and moved faster 
still, his hips rocking furiously back and forth, 
snapping and jerking. Supriya gasped and moaned, 
thrashing deliriously beneath him, her body jerking and 
lurching with his thrusts. The couple stared and then 
stumbled out. Hari hadn't broken his rapid fire rhythm 
for a second. Supriya spun out of control. 

A thunderous tidal wave of an orgasm crashed over her. 
Her body arched stiff and hard, every fibre tensed, her 
mouth drawing wide in a soundless cry, her face 
contorted, suffused with passion, tendons popping in her 
neck, her fingers clawing at him. Her cunt gripped his 
penis like a vice, and Hari cried out, wincing. She 
mauled her breasts in a frenzy. 

Hari slowed, but kept stroking steadily in and out of 
her. He watched her face with delight. She was truly a 
worthy piece of ass. At last she subsided with a 
shuddering moan, and he skewered her slowly, rocking to 
a standstill deep within her flesh. Her eyes snapped 
open with shock, incredulous at finding him still rock-
hard inside her, that he hadn't come. "God, Hari," she 
gasped, her chest heaving. "That was fantastic!"

He chuckled. "Not done yet, cunt. Plenty more still. You 

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes."

He bent over her, kissing her, her heavy breasts crushed 
under his hard, sweat-slippery chest. Rivers of sex-
sweat coursed between her breasts. He bent his head and 
lapped at them, drew his tongue heavily over her nipple. 
Supriya whimpered. Her loins writhed against his in 
renewed ardour. His cock throbbed steadily in her flesh. 
Slowly, he slid out of her and moved up to straddle her 

He laid his erect cock between her breasts. She squeezed 
them into a tight sheath over his cock. He began to fuck 
her breasts slowly, grunting in delight. Her hard 
nipples raked his shaft. Her breast-sheath was warm, 
moist, soft, heavy. His cock-head pranged out at her 
chin, and she bent her head, her lips opening hungrily. 
He slid higher and knelt over her face, pushing his cock 
to her mouth. 

She took it in her mouth again, and sank back, sucking 
eagerly, taking even more of it. Gently, he fucked her 
mouth again, bending over on all fours, his hips rising 
and falling, his cock glistening as it went in and out 
of her mouth. Her tongue was electric on his cock-head, 
her lips clamped firmly about his cock. She sucked 
harder and harder. "Mm... yeh... suck it bitch... suck 
my cock!" Hari grunted. 

She released him and shuffled lower, nuzzling between 
his strong thighs. He spread them wider, knowing what 
she wanted. Her warm, wet tongue slithered down the hard 
ridge under his balls to his anus. He tensed, his balls 
throbbing, his cock pulsating. Her tongue swirled into 
his anus and he gasped, flinging his head back. His 
sphincter spasmed once, then yielded and her tongue 
swirled into the muskiness of his asshole.

"OHHhhhhhhhhhh UHHhhh OHHHH!" he groaned.

She slithered up again, now lifting a breast-tip to his 
anus, probing the puckered flesh with her rigid nipple. 
She took his cock in her mouth again and now she slid a 
finger down to his asshole. Once more, he yielded, and 
gently, she slid her fingertip into his rear channel. He 
gasped in pleasure. She held it there and sucked harder. 
He felt his spoot sizzle upward, clamouring for release. 
"Come in my mouth, Hari," she muttered. "I want to 
swallow your cum." 

Tempted, he decided to yield. She sucked him hungrily, 
her head rising and falling, her cheeks hollowing, her 
tongue manic. He flung his head back, his hips bobbing 
over her face. He held her head with one hand and rocked 
it rapidly up and down under his hips. The heat burst. 
He gasped and she spluttered as he came. Her lips parted 
and he bent his head to see his jizz spuming into her 
mouth. He shook his cock and spattered her face and 
breasts with gunk. 

She whimpered, licking her lips lasciviously, scooping 
dribbling gunk from her chin and licking her fingers. 
Her lips slid around his cock again. She caressed her 
breasts, massaging the sticky mess of his gunk into her 

Hari groaned softly, panting, his head bent, watching 
her suck his cock. Gently, he rolled onto his back, 
taking her with him, her mouth glued to his penis. She 
sucked him faster, her head bobbing over his lap. He 
jerked her face up and down over his bucking loins, 
relishing the exquisite pleasure from her tongue and 
lips and teeth. Her tongue worked his cock-head eagerly, 
coiling cunningly around its contours. He pulled her up. 
She slid up over him, straddling his body. Her fuzzy 
cunt writhed against his throbbing penis. 

Amazingly, after that copious orgasm, he was still hard 
and ready for more. Kneeling astride his lap, she took 
his cock in one hand, and maneuvered his cock-head to 
the portals of her cunt. With a shuddering gasp, she let 
her cunt sink down onto his cock. He drew his knees up 
behind her, and arched his hips. His swollen penis 
speared up into her cunt. 

She moaned, her lips forming a wide 'O', her face 
craning up, her eyes close, her face suffused with lust. 
Her buttocks tensed as they drove down deeper and 
deeper, her cunt gobbling his cock greedily. She reared 
on her haunches, squeezing her breasts in an erotic 
motion, rolling the luscious mounds under her palms. Her 
tongue shot out and circled sensuously over her upper 

"Ohhhhhh yes... yes... Ohhhhhh god yes!" she gasped. He 
drew his hands down her back in a spidery line and she 
trembled. He caressed her buttocks and she leaned 
forward, her big breasts pendulous over his face, the 
gold chain brushing his lips. He lifted his head and 
sucked on one breast, making her moan. He gripped her 
buttocks and prised them open, his fingertip at her 

Supriya gasped, and her hips ground against his loins. 
Her sphincter spasmed, yielded and he inveigled his 
fingertip into her rear channel. Supriya cried out. The 
sensation was overpowering, with his cock filling her 
cunt, and his finger in her asshole separated from his 
penis by the thinnest membrane of flesh. He squeezed her 
breasts and began to buck his hips. She leaned forward 
on her knuckles and began to rock over him.

They began to fuck rapidly. Her body swung back and 
forth, up and down, her cunt sliding up the length of 
his cock then crashing back down hard again. His hips 
pumped vigourously in unison with hers. Faster and 
faster they went, her breasts swinging madly now, the 
gold chain tossing on her chest. He gripped a breast 
with one hand and squeezed hard, rolling it heavily in 
his palm and sucking sharply on it. 

She cried out, her head spinning, arching up, her cunt 
slamming down hard as she rocked violently up to the 
crest of another orgasm. He began to move even faster 
beneath her, tossing her on his lap. She groaned and 
clapped her buttocks together rapidly, squeezing his 
cock with her cunt. He felt her orgasm hit. He held her 
and kept moving, prolonging her orgasm.

He held her still till he was done and then released 
her. She collapsed, sweating and panting, moaning 
heavily. He held her close, caressing her smooth back. 
They kissed gently. Slowly, she eased herself off him. 
He cupped her breast as she leaned over him, her face 
flushed and radiant.

"Ready for another?"

She looked astounded. "You mean you... God, you're 

He laughed. "You're not bad, yourself, whore."

"You mean it?"

"Yes, of course."

"What about... what about..."

"The casting couch? Not so fast, bitch. Hedon & 
Venery sets high standards. I can recommend you, but you 
still have to do their tests." "I... I want to..."

"You can't, unless you're recommended."

"Recommend me, then."

"Not yet. One more. At least. You par for the course?" 
She wanted it more than anything else in the world. She 
looked at him and nodded and he smiled and kissed her, 
cupping her breasts. "Good. Suck my cock again..."

She took his penis in her mouth again and sucked him 
steadily for a long time. She really was very good at 
it. When he was ready to fuck her, he pulled her up and 
turned her on all fours on the bed. He moved behind her 
and pushed her back steeply forward, angling her hips 
and buttocks upward. He prised them open and bent in a 
deep half-squat behind her. Slowly, he squeezed his 
cock-head between the luscious lobes of her buttocks and 
into her cunt. Supriya gasped and lurched forward. He 

"How d'you want it, whore?" he grunted, leaning forward 
to crush her pendulous breasts in his hands.

"Hard," she moaned. "Ram it in, Hari... c'mon, do it!" 
Chuckling, he took a deep breath and rammed his cock 
deep into her, flexing his buttocks taut, slamming his 
hips forward. She cried out, the breath driven from her 
body with thrust, her face twisting in agony and lust, 
her cunt convulsing frantically on his cock. He dug his 
fingers into her soft, round buttocks and flung his head 

and began to ram-fuck her cunt, his hips hammering 
savagely back and forth, his cock thundering and 
pistoning in and out of her cunt. 

Supriya almost passed out with joy. His cock plundered 
and pillaged her cunt, raping and reaming and rasping 
and ramming into her, stroking in and out, driving her 
from one orgasm to another, her body snapping and 
jerking, her big breasts jiggling and bouncing. Faster 
and faster he went, and she didn't want him to stop. She 
kept orgasming uncontrollably and he thrust into her 
hard till at last he came, spewing lava hot spunk deep 
into her slit. She collapsed, panting and gasping on the 
bed and he slid slowly out of her and flopped beside 
her. She moaned and wriggled closer. "That was 
unbelievable. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Do I get the recommendation?"

"Greedy bitch."

"No. Horny cunt. Do I?"


"Oh good."

"Leave your card. Someone will contact you for your 

"What does it involve?"

"Several things, in stages. The staff will tell you."

"Tell me."

"First, you do a strip and nude photo session. Then a 
video and stills of you frigging, with fingers and then 
with dildos." "No problem there."

"I can imagine. Then you do a video and a still shoot of 
a straight fuck with a guy, one on one."


"Next is a gang-bang, to see how many you can take. On 
film and stills."

"And then?"

"A lesbo bang."

"I've never done that before."

"You'll have to, to get through."

"Okay. Is that it?"

"No. Then you do a live show. On stage."


"Does that bother you?"

"No. No, I don't think so."

"Ever been butt-fucked?"


"Enjoy it?"

"Sometimes. If the man is good."

"Fine. That's mandatory. If you can do a double-butt-
fuck, it's a plus."

"I'll try."

"That's the spirit."

"When will they call?"

"What suits you?"

"How long does it take?"

"Allow three full weekends. Minimum. Plus time in 

"Can I fix that with the guy who calls?"

"Yes. But don't be difficult on dates. They have a lot 
of applicants and they don't like being jerked around. 
Missed dates are expensive." "Do I have to pay for 

"Only for the first three stages. After that you're 
free, because once you get through to a gang-bang -- 
you're on the roster anyway. You have to be available 
for servicing clients, doing shows, shoots, photo 
session and so on. The next stages are only to decide 
your rankings." "Rankings?"

"Yeah. The best whores get the best clients, the most 
expensive films and classy magazines. That kind of 

"Oh. I see. How much does it cost?"

"Ten thousand for stage one, twenty for two and forty 
for three."

"That's very expensive."

"Once you're staff, you'll make twice that in a week. 
It's worth every penny."

"It had better be."

"Take my word for it. Cash, by the way."

"That's not a problem. I didn't expect to flash my 

He laughed and got up. "Want to go back to the party?"

"Yes. I think so."

"Unfinished business."


They shared a cigarette and showered together in the 
opulent bathroom ensuite, gently caressing and fondling 
each other. As he followed her out, she turned and 
kissed him. The party was still in full swing when they 
went back out. If anything, it had become even more 
frenetic. There must have been eight or ten menservants 
servicing the women. There were copulating bodies 
everywhere. The music pounded on, and now the air was 
full of the ululating cries of men and women thrashing 
in sexual delirium.

"Where are ours?" Hari shouted over the din, squinting 
through the fug of dope and cigarette smoke.

She shrugged, and the moved across the room. They 
stepped over a couple fucking frantically, the woman on 
her back screaming in agonised joy as her lover fucked 
her ass from above, ramming and slamming into her. Her 
heavy breasts jiggled furiously. His thighs slapped at 
her buttocks. His cock, swollen and gorged, thundered in 
and out of her asshole.

Around them, every kind of sexual antic was being 
attempted. A man was having his cock sucked by two women 
at one end of the room. A pretty-faced, heavy-breasted 
nymphet on a sofa had her legs spread wide as a man 
licked at her cunt, while she sucked another's cock. Two 
women were in a sixty-nine on the floor. A young man was 
seated in a chair at the dining table, jerking a lovely 
young woman up and down on his erect penis. 

A servant was taking a svelte teenage model from the 
rear, her lovely breasts swinging furiously as he fucked 
her hard, holding her hips, slamming his hips furiously 
at her buttocks. She cried out thinly, her body whipping 
and jerking under his thrusts. 

The servant chuckled at her cries, and fucked her even 
harder. In the first bedroom, three men were gang-
banging a woman. She was an attractive creature, a 
popular model, fair and tall, with a lovely face. Her 
body was covered in sweat. It heaved and tossed 
frantically on the bed. The men were chortling, fucking 
her one by one, making her scream, ram-fucking her hard. 

Hari and Supriya watched the man with her, his buttocks 
and hips slamming forward, his big cock thrusting deep 
into her, making her arch and bend under him, her hands 
mashing her breasts deliriously. The man's butt bobbed 
and rose and fell, plunging down faster and faster. In 
the next bedroom, two servants were busy servicing a 
gaggle of women. The young stud they had first seen was 
there, too. 

He stood upright, butt-fucking a woman bent over steeply 
before him, her hair hanging over her head. His cock was 
deep in her asshole, and he held her hips, grunting, 
gasping, sheathed in sweat, chuckling in delight, and 
rammed his hips back and forth, thrusting in hard, 
pulling out, then thrusting in repeatedly with a savage 
roll of his hips. The woman gasped and cried out. His 
cock glistened and gleamed as it stroked powerfully in 
and out of her anus. 

The other servant was fucking a woman on her side on the 
bed, taking her from behind, jigging her rapidly on his 
cock, one hand on her shoulder, the other on her flared 
hip, slamming his hips at her cunt. Another woman lay 
behind him, licking his asshole and balls, while yet 
another sucked her slit. The servant was tall and well 
built, and his handsome face was contorted with delight. 

The girl he was fucking was young, no more than 
eighteen, with a beautiful oval face. She turned her 
head to the servant and he kissed her roughly and 
squeezed her breasts hard as he rocked his penis into 
her cunt. As they watched, the servant butt-fucking the 
young girl pulled out of her and flung her roughly to 
the floor on her back. He mounted her face, making her 
swallow his cock, fresh from her asshole, while he 
leaned over and drove his tongue into her crack. 

The girl sucked on his cock and whined deep in her 
throat, her thighs trembling, her hips lurching and 
heaving. He began to finger-fuck her, using three 
fingers simultaneously. She writhed uncontrollably under 
him, her hips jerking and heaving under his tongue and 
fingers. His cock was like a pillar, driving in and out 
of her mouth. He jammed four fingers into her cunt and 
began to masturbate her furiously. 

Her hips whumped under his hand and she choked and 
sputtered on his cock then sucked it greedily. He began 
to come, thick jizz streaming into her mouth and 
trickling over her lips and cheeks. He forced her to 
swallow it. Karan was in the first bedroom, but not 
Neha. He and another man were fucking the lovely 
nineteen-year old girl Supriya and Hari had seen earlier 
in the hall. 

Karan knelt before her face, fucking her mouth, while 
the other man, knelt behind her spread buttocks and 
reamed her cunt from the rear. They were grunting and 
gasping, chortling, fondling her pendulous swollen 
breasts. The girl moaned deliriously. "Fuck my ass," she 
groaned. "Please, fuck my ass..." 

They watched as Karan and his companion swapped and 
Karan squeezed his cock into the girl's anus. She 
groaned heavily and began to suck the other man's cock. 
Karan grunted and started to butt-fuck her slowly and 
heavily, running his glistening cock in and out of her 
asshole. Her buttocks trembled and shook. She squeezed 
her bouncing breasts excitedly.

"Supriya, I'm leaving. I've had enough," Hari said 

She nodded and turned to him and they kissed. He 
squeezed her breasts.

"I'll stay," she murmured.


"Tell them to call me." She slipped a card into his 

"I will." he chuckled. "Yes, I'll tell them."

"I'll see you soon."

"Yes. *Ciao*. Have fun."

"I intend to," she said, her eyes glittering. Hari 
slipped away. Supriya went back to the hall and surveyed 
the action. She began to undress, dropping her clothes 
on the floor. She noticed a servant beginning to 
recover. He saw her and grinned. She beckoned to him. He 
came across and she noticed with pleasure that he was 
quite good looking, with a heavy set, yet clean featured 
face and long, tough body, the torso dark and 
glistening, hairless. His penis was large, about seven 
inches long, over an inch thick. 

Without a word, she knelt before him and began to suck 
his cock. The servant grunted and fucked her face, 
moving her head back and forth, pumping his hips. 
Supriya let her mind wander free with the pleasure, 
loving the taste and feel of his cock in her mouth. A 
while later, Karan came out and saw Supriya with the 
servant. She was naked, bent forward over the dining 
table, her legs spread wide and the man was fucking her 
furiously from behind, standing with his hands on her 

Supriya was crying out loudly, moaning and panting, her 
big breasts jiggling and swinging. Karan grinned with 
delight. The man was giving it to her good and hard, 
fondling her breasts, gasping, flinging his head back, 
jerking her hips onto his hips, slamming his cock in and 
out of her, calling her *bitch, slut, whore, cunt*, 
pumping and pistoning furiously. Supriya's body jerked 
back and forth, her buttocks jerking greedily at the 
servant. "Yes... UNHHHHH... yes... *hanh*... uhhhh 
ohmauhhhh*hanh* uhhhh yes... god yes... yes baby yes 
ohhh god yes!" she cried. 

Karan's eyes glittered with excitement. 

He popped another of the sex-pep pills that were being 
dished out like chocolates and instantly felt their 
effect. His cock sprang up hard and he felt fresh jizz 
roiling in his gonads. His body tensed and glowed with 
lust-heat. He waited for a few minutes while the servant 
finished, slamming and thundering in and out, in and 
out, till at last he could hold back no longer. 

He jerked out of her and shook his cock, spattering her 
dusky derriere and back with thick gobs of his creamy 
jizz. Supriya was still whimpering when Karan got behind 
her. He leaned over and plucked a few ampoules from a 
bowl on the table and snapped one under her nose. The 
potent aphrodisiac hit her like a hammer and she gasped, 
her body tingling, her breasts swelling, her nipples 
juddering stiff, her cunt oozing.

"Karan!" she gasped.

"Yup!" he chuckled. "C'mon cunt, now I'm gonna ride your 
ass!" To the servant he bellowed, "Quick! Get the 
butter! And fuck her mouth!" The servant chuckled. He 
darted into the kitchen and returned with a silver 
butter dish. Karan scooped a thick pat of it on his 
fingers and, splaying her buttocks open, smeared her 
anus with it. 

She moaned. She was wild with excitement. She could have 
taken three men together. Karan coated his shaft thickly 
with butter, then dropped a thick gob of it on his cock-
head. Prising her buttocks open, he pressed his cock-
head to her anus. Supriya tensed. His cock slithered, 
and he pressed it back at its target again. 

Supriya moaned and tensed. Her sphincter spasmed and 
then yielded. With a loud, exultant *AHHHHHH*, her 
gigolo thrust his penis into her rear channel. Supriya 
screamed, her face arching up, contorting with lust. 
Instantly, the servant jumped onto the table and jerked 
her head up, thrusting his cock at her mouth. She 
gasped, gagged and found her mouth filled with cock-
flesh. Her anus burned and seared wonderfully. Karan's 
buttocks flexed and he thrust in deeper and deeper, 
holding her hips, his head flung back, wincing as her 
sphincter spasmed on his invading lance. 

He leaned forward, crushed her pendulous breasts in his 
hands and began to butt-fuck her, ramming his cock into 
her, slamming his hips back and forth, making her whine 
deep in her throat, lurching under him in agonised 
passion. Her body rocked and jerked under his. The 
servant fucked her face, jerking her head back and 
forth, moaning in joy as she sucked feverishly. 

She came in seconds, delirious with joy. Minutes later, 
she felt Karan lunge hard into her and explode, his jizz 
mushrooming in a white cloud in her asshole. Just then, 
the servant lost control and came, too, shooting thick 
streamers of spoot into her mouth. She sucked his cock, 
drawing out every last drop of his jizz.

They left her alone and turned elsewhere. She lay 
sprawled across the table, gasping and sobbing with joy. 
Her cunt tingled. She put a hand between her legs and 
began to masturbate. Suddenly, she gasped. Another hand 
had joined hers. She looked over her shoulder. It was 
the servant with the big cock. He grinned at her and 
reached around to cup her breasts.

"Now I'm gonna fuck your brains out, whore," he growled 
in her ear. She smiled, saying yes, please and slid to 
her knees to take his cock in her mouth. The man grunted 
and squeezed her breasts and moaned softly as her warm 
mouth engulfed his penis. He flung his head back and 
began to fuck her face. The servants loved these 
 = o =
Hari let himself into the flat and immediately stopped. 
He could hear Neha. She was in bed, fucking. He grinned. 
The girl was incorrigible. The bedroom door was wide 
open. He went in and stopped, smiling. Neha was on her 
back, naked, lovely, dusky and slender and beautiful. 
Her slender legs were raised high and looped about the 
lean hips of the liftman fucking her. Hari knew the man 
well: Neha often ordered him up for a fuck. Room 
service, she called it.

He was taking her slowly, leaning over her, his dark, 
powerful body corded and shining with sweat. His small, 
taut buttocks rose and fell rhythmically, his big penis 
squelching heavily in and out of her cunt. She wound her 
hands about his head, caressed his strong shoulders, 
murmuring and moaning softly in deep pleasure. Her loins 
lurched up with his. She dragged his head down to hers 
and kissed him, letting him thrust his tongue deep into 
her mouth, sucking on it. Her legs wound tighter about 
his lean hips, then rose higher still, locking tight. 
The bed rocked gently with them.

"Mm, Ohhh ma Rakesh... UNNHHHh, hanh, uhhhh, ohma, 
uhhh... *hanh*... unhhhhh... Rakesh... unhhh... 
Rakesh... Rakesh... unhhh... Ohmauhhhhahh...," she 
gasped, her voice husky and sibilant, utterly erotic.

The steadiness of his rhythm was mesmerising. Neha slid 
her elegant hands down her lover's sweat-slippery body, 
caressing it, and gripped his taut buttocks. Hari 
watched her tease apart the lobes of his buttocks and 
insert a finger between them. Rakesh tensed, gasping, 
his head arching back.

He was a good-looking young man, dark, with a thin 
mustache, a square jaw, thick, swept-back hair, and a 
coppery dark, well muscled physique. His arms and legs 
were long and strong, rounded with muscle, the shoulders 
wide, the chest hard and deep, the torso hairless, even 
his armpits shorn. Hari knew that Neha preferred her 
male lovers to be like this. His penis was at least nine 
inches erect, and correspondingly thick. His balls were 
heavy and low. Hari began to undress, watching them. 
Neha turned to him. "Hi, love," she gasped.

"Hello yourself," he smiled. "Good time?"


"Where's Karan?"

"I left him. Boring. The servants were better."

"How d'you get home?"


"You haven't any money."

"So? When has that been a problem?"

"You fucked the cabbie?" Hari chuckled.

"Oh yes. He was surprisingly... good... yes... there... 
UNhhhh yes! Fucked me for a good half an hour... up 
here... great fun." "I bet."

Unhhh... Ohh yeh!"

"Rakesh better than those guys?"

"Yes... much... yes... there... that's it... *hanh*... 
c'mon Rakesh c'mon... want... d'you want... to join 
us...?" Hari chuckled and shook his head. "No, not 
tonight love. You go ahead and finish. I'll wait. Take 
your time."

"Thanks, Hari."

He grinned and nodded. She kissed the liftman, thrusting 
her tongue into his mouth. He ground down hard into her. 
Throughout her conversation with Hari, Rakesh had been 
fucking her steadily, quite unconcerned about her 
husband's presence. He had done this often. Her body 
moved in unison with his, her hips rising and falling in 
time to his thrusts.

"OH... UNGHHHHHHH... OHHHHHHHH!" Rakesh gasped, yielding 
as Neha slipped her finger up his anus.

She held it there and he drilled deeper into her. She 
arched steeply, gasping as he thrust in hard and fast, 
swinging his hips to savage her innards. Her mouth 
jerked wide open and she cried out in agonised lust, her 
face twisting and contorting in a rictus of passion. Her 
head jerked to one side, the tendons standing out in her 
beautiful neck. Her nipples were rigid and quivering, 
erect in swollen breasts. 

Rakesh bent his head and sucked sharply on one taut 
mound. Neha cried out, writhing under him, her head 
flipping from side to side in joy. "OHHHHHHH baby yes 
yes yes oh god yes!" she cried. Rakesh began to fuck her 
faster, pistoning and pumping rapidly. His buttocks rose 
and fell, bouncing rapidly up and down like a trip-
hammer, his big penis reaming and ramming into her cunt, 
rivening her cunt-lips wide open, scraping and 
squelching in and out. 

Neha's slender, dusky, sylph-like body snapped savagely 
upward onto the small of her back with every thrust. The 
liftman was a powerful lover and he plunged into her 
energetically, thrusting into her flesh deep and hard 
and fast. His buttocks rose and fell, flexed and 
unflexed, his hips snapping. She cried out, the breath 
rattling in her throat in shuddering gasps. Her cries 
grew louder and louder, longer and longer. Rakesh 
enjoyed it even more and he was grinning and chuckling 
at the same time, panting and gasping.

"C'mon, slut... take it! Take my cock, oh fuck yes, oh 
yes, c'mon you whorin' slut... take it! Yeh UNHHHH c'mon 
bitch OHHHuhhOhhh!" he gasped like a maddened stud, his 
heavy balls slamming against her cunt-lips as he rammed 
in again and again and again. Neha arched taut in his 
arms, the fingers of one hand clawing at his shoulder, 
the forefinger of the other hand finger-fucking his 
asshole furiously, jerking madly in and out. Rakesh 
winced, gasped, flung his head back and cried out as he 
felt her shudder into an orgasm. 

Her loins lurched up to his and her cunt cramped 
uncontrollably on his cock, a hot, wet glove on his 
penis. The servant jerked out of her, then rammed in 
again, once, twice, three times, and lost control. With 
a cry, he skewered her cunt for the last time, and held 
deep inside her, quivering stiff, every muscle strained. 
Neha moaned, delirious, her face glowing radiant as she 
felt the sharp shards of his spoot spume into her 
sopping slit. 

Neha's legs unwound slowly from Rakesh's body and she 
subsided, moaning and panting, sheathed in a film of 
sweat under him. She caressed his smooth, hard back 
tenderly and he bent his head, his forehead on her 
shoulder, his body heaving, streaming with sweat. They 
kissed languorously, deeply. Hari took off his clothes 
and sat naked in a large chair, watching the liftman 
fuck his wife. She aroused him again by sucking his cock 
deeply till he was hard. Her cock sucking was 
irresistible. Soon, the liftman's penis was erect again.

"Ohhh uhhh Ohhh yes... suck! Suck harder you crazy 
whore! C'mon, bitch... take my cock! Suck it hard!"

Neha sucked his cock furiously, her head rocking back 
and forth between his thighs, pumping his shaft. Pre-cum 
gunk sputtered from his cock-head as he fucked her 
mouth, kneeling on the bed and holding her head and 
rocking it back and forth to suit his pleasure. She 
turned on all fours when he pushed her head away at 
last, and presented her rear to his pleasure.

"C'mon Rakesh," she groaned. "Fuck me now... fuck me 
hard!" She made him mount her from behind like a bitch 
in rut. The liftman knelt behind her and slowly squeezed 
his hard penis between the lobes of her dusky buttocks, 
pranging her cunt deeply. "Ohhhh uhhh Ohma unhh Ahhhh 
unhh *hanh*! Unhhh Ohhh *hanh*-*hanh-hanh* uhhh Ohhh 
Rakesh *hanh*!" Neha gasped.

"Yeh... oh fuck yes! Take it! Take my cock!" He drove 
into her and her face arched, radiant with lust, her 
nostrils flared, her lips parted, her perfect teeth 
bared in grimace of passion. Moaning, she reached to cup 
his balls, egging him on deeper still, clawing her cunt-
lips open. He paused, waiting for her, knowing what she 
wanted. She loved it like this. She began to move with 
slow, erotic rolls of her hips, mashing her cunt-flesh 
with cock-pestle, whimpering and moaning in delight. 
Then she rocked back and forth on all fours and he held 
her hips and moved his own in unison, back and forth, 
back and forth.

Slowly, they built up speed, stoking each other's lust 
till at last he was ram-fucking her hard, just as she 
loved to be taken, his cock slamming and pistoning madly 
in and out, in and out. His buttocks flexed and unflexed 
powerfully, his cock burst into her with each thrust, 
sending her rocking forward on her forearms and knees. 

She cried out for more, to be taken harder, harder, 
deeper, deeper, till at last it was done and they 
tumbled over the brink of yet another volcanic orgasm. 
She fell forward on the bed and Rakesh bent over her, 
his cock still in her cunt, slowly pumping his hips till 
his cock shrank. She whimpered softly as he slid out of 
her and turned her face to his. He kissed her. She 
rolled over under him, her fingers on his cock.

"Another?" she offered. "Fuck my butt?"

Rakesh smiled and declined, enough for tonight. He got 
up and she stopped him and took his penis in her mouth 
again. He groaned and relented. His cock rose again and 
he fucked her face gently, rocking her head back and 
forth with one hand, his hips swinging till he was done. 
He came, gasping and moaning and she opened her mouth to 
let him see his spoot geysering into her mouth and 
splashing on her face and body. Smiling happily, he 
dressed and, *salaaming* Hari, let himself out.

"Hari, get me a drink, will you?" Neha said, getting up 
and heading for the bath. "I'll be with you in a minute. 
And let's try that new CD."

Hari grinned and walked out. He fixed them drinks and 
put on the new jazz CD. Music filtered from the superb 
high fidelity acoustic system. He carried the drinks out 
to the sundeck and waited for Neha on the slatted wooden 
bench by the dark trestle table, leaning against the 
balustrade. She came out a few minutes later, naked and 

As she walked over to him, she lifted her hands behind 
her head and adjusted her hair into a pony tail. Her 
breasts rose with the motion. He found it very sexy. She 
came across and leaned over him and kissed him gently on 
the mouth. He cupped her breasts.

"Hi," he smiled.

"Hi yourself, handsome," she chuckled, swinging a leg 
astride his hips, kissing him again, linking her arms 
around his strong shoulders. "Had a good time?"

"Yes," she said. "And you?"


"Who was she?"

"Supriya," he laughed. "The guy you were fucking?"


"Yes. He's Supriya's current stud."

"A gigolo?"

"I think so."

She laughed prettily. "Shit, he's not good enough to be 
a gigolo."

Hari smiled. "I could see that."

"Still, it's fun taking on these macho types and showing 
them a thing of two occasionally. What about yours?"

"Supriya? Oh top class, absolutely. I'll be recommending 

"Seriously?" she looked surprised. Such good fucks were 
a rarity.

"Yes. Good, firm, ripe body and lots of appetite, game 
for anything. She should be a profitable addition."

"She'll have to pass the tests."

"Of course. So did you. She'll manage it without 
difficulty. I'm only unsure about the double butt-fuck."

"Yeah, that can be a bitch, especially if they put on 
someone like Kishore or Jayant or Jerry or you."

He nodded. All of them had enormous cocks; Kishore in 
particular, had one that was totally unreal, fully a 
foot long and three inches thick. Jayant's was only 
marginally smaller. Few women could take them on in a 
combined butt-fuck, two penises in the anus together. So 
far, only a handful had succeeded: Sunnu, Harsha, Sonu, 
Neha, Vaishali, Chitti, Sayali and Anjali had done so.

"She'll just have to take her chances, I guess."

"I guess so. Was Rakesh good?"

"You saw."


"He's great. Really great. I love his cock. He fucks me 
so well."

"Mm. But nothing like this, right?"

"No," she murmured, kissing him languorously. "Nothing 
like this, lover."

They fucked under the stars. He never ceased to marvel 
at the loveliness of her face and body. They kissed 
gently and tenderly, their tongues exploring each 
other's mouths, their hands caressing each other with 
the lightest of touches. He let her move first, slowly 
sliding down his superb body, kissing and licking his 
torso, her tongue and lips fluttering over his small, 
hard nipples, then trickling over his belly and swirling 
through his navel, going lower still till she was 
kneeling between his legs. 

He murmured softly when she took his enormous penis 
between her lips and began to suck it, working his cock-
head deftly with her tongue, moving her head back and 
forth, jerking his cock till he was erect. He closed his 
eyes and tilted his head back, giving in to the 
pleasure. "Come in my mouth?" she murmured softly.

Hari nodded and she went back to sucking him. His cock 
throbbed in her mouth. Its tangy taste and smell made 
her head swim and her tongue worked it with increasing 

"Mm... yes ... ohhh that's it... yes... suck my cock," 
he murmured softly.

Gently, she brought him off. He came with intense 
pleasure, his cock spewing and spurting and she held it 
in her mouth and swallowed the heavy flood of his seed, 
sucking it steadily. She moved back and shook it so that 
his gunk spattered on her belly and breasts and face. He 
pulled her up and set her on the trestle table before 
him on all fours, her buttocks and legs spread. Her cunt 
was already damp with excitement, and she moaned softly 
when he thrust his face between her thighs and ran his 
tongue into the dark cleft, swirling it over her 
puckered anus.

"Yes... yes... there..." she moaned, her hips writhing. 
"Yes... right there... ohhh god yes Hari yes!"

He slid his tongue lower and found her clitoris. She 
gasped. He was good, so very good, this man, one of her 
best lovers... and she had so many. His tongue was warm 
and thick and rough and she whimpered in delight and 
clawed her cunt-lips open, her slender, dusky body 
shuddering with joy. Her lovely face was radiant with 
lust, the lovely lips parted, the large, dark eyes 

"Yes... yes Hari yes... tongue fuck me baby... yes... 
fuck me... fuck me with your tongue ohhhhh... Unhhhh 
Ohhhhh yes..." She began to fondle her breasts gently 
and he knew the signs. He stopped and turned her on her 
back and rose to bend over her. She loved having her 
breasts sucked. Her nipples were long and hard, the 
aureoles small and sharply puckered. She gasped and 
arched and writhed under him as he began to suck them 
gently, tugging at her nipples with his teeth, scraping 
them against the roof of his mouth and his gums, 
flicking them rapidly with his tongue. 

He sucked one breast and fondled the other with his 
fingers, flicking his nails across her nipples, slowly 
grinding his palms over her breasts. Her hand fell to 
his crotch and she jerked his erect penis in excitement. 
"Fuck me," she moaned. "Quickly... c'mon... fuck my 

"Or your ass?"

"Or my ass... anything you like... just do it..." He 
decided to fuck her cunt first; he'd take her ass later, 
in bed. He lay on his back on the bench and drew her 
down, off the table, onto his lap. Moaning and 
whimpering, she straddled his penis and slowly, impaled 
her cunt on it. It was hot and tight as a vice, cramping 
and spasming powerfully. He moaned and arched slowly, 
rearing up into her, making her gasp even louder, 
arching her lovely long neck. 

He caressed her breasts and she whimpered and reached 
back for his balls, her hips slowly grinding round and 
round on his cock. They began to move, their hips 
grinding and bucking gently and evenly together, both of 
them marvelously adept. They played their favourite 
game, tormenting each other, each trying to force the 
other's orgasm. She groaned when he pressed his 
fingertips to her buttocks and, leaning forward, dragged 
his tongue heavily over her hypersensitive nipples, 
flicking them this way and that, one by one. 

Her long nails drew long scratching trails down his 
deeply cleaved chest, moving sideways to flick his 
nipples in retaliation. Her cunt throbbed insistently on 
his pulsing penis and he groaned as she squeezed and 
sucked his cock with her cunt muscles. Her hips ground 
around on his in tight, erotic circles, and she mashed 
her cunt-flesh with his penis.

On and on they went, playing the game, each testing the 
other's limits of endurance. Usually, he won but, 
tonight, astonishingly, she beat him and laughed in joy 
as she felt the spurting heat of his seed flowering in 
her cunt. Her cunt cramped on his cock and she began to 
rock rapidly up and down on it, and Hari moaned softly 
and succumbed to the wonders of her body and forgot 
Supriya and the cocktail party.

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